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Why Choose New Life Appliance Repair?

  • Kitchenaid Factory Authorized & Trained Technicians

  • Over 50 Years of Experience

  • Most Repairs Completed in 1st Visit                  

  • Sealed System(Freon Repair) Experts

  • Majority of Kitchenaid Refrigeration Parts in Stock!! 




       Refrigerator Experts


After a long day, and sitting in traffic for an hour you, come home to your refrigerator not cooling. The kids are coming into town tomorrow or its game night this weekend and you need a solution. At New Life we understand your dilemma and we want to help!! We specifically focus on Kitchenaid Built in & Freestanding Refrigerators. We are required to go to Kitchenaid factory training annually. Not only are we authorized but specifically Kitchenaid Refrigerators are our passion. I know it is a bizarre thing to be passionate about, but when you have quality units, that are engineered to last, and built to be serviced easily, as appliance repair man we value that. If the failure is as small as a deforst thermostat or as labor intensive as a compressor on a Built-in 48″, we love it all. Carrying the majority of Kitchenaid Refrigerator parts. Also, Sealed system(Freon repairs) is our specialty!! No matter what your issue is we have the solution. Give us a shot!