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Maximize Your Obnoxiously Short Weekends in 7 Steps

Maximize Your Obnoxiously Short Weekends in 7 Steps


Do you find yourself in a stupor at work? When someone asks on Monday how your weekend was, do you respond with an “I don’t know? It was so long ago”? Is your skin translucent from being hidden under suits and fluorescent ceilings?

If any of these apply, you may have No-Time-For-Fun Syndrome.

This serious disease is caused by a lack of celebration from Friday through Sunday and results in a depressed state of mind, loss of friendships and sanity, and even death. OK, maybe not death, but those suffering feel a definite loss of life.

Days seem to be shortening and obligations are growing, and yet we still need some time to drown ourselves in a tub of ice cream, sleep in till noon, and catch up on all the episodes of Game of Thrones and New Girl. But how is this even possible with weekends full of homework, housework, and even more office work for some?

Stressed yet just thinking about all you have to do? Please don’t! I have a solution for your medical illness.


Step 1: Silence is Golden

The best thing after a loud and crazy workweek is some sweet silence, but so many fill their quite time with a barrage of YouTube videos, Facebook posts, and texts messages.

All of a sudden, your sunny afternoon turns into a dark evening and another day wasted!

Give your fingers and phone a rest by limiting your media frenzy. Set a timer for no more than 30 minutes to get all of your posting, messaging, and online shenanigans done and out of the way. Try finish the night by checking all the world news for a few minutes in bed until sleep sets in. Like reading a book, sometimes Tweets and Snapchats may also be a therapeutic way to unwind after a long day and you can still stay connected.

The point is, limit these items so that other, more pressing things can be done when needed.

Step 2: Lazy Sunday?

MaximizeWe all know of the song, but maybe we can also learn from the title too.

We often are not blessed by having two days of total relaxation, so pick one day of fun, and one for work. People who divide the two into different days are more productive with their time and are also happier with their weekend amusement. People who mix their day with work and play tend to leave the weekend feeling unsatisfied because they don’t feel refreshed. And since we can’t be lazy all the time, pick one morning to sleep in instead of the two in order to maximize the time.

The early bird catches the worm and the early business man catches the good waves at the beach and still has enough time to write and submit his proposal.

Step 3: Prioritize, Prioritize, and Prioritize Again

Some things are more pressing than others when it comes to the weekend. Start off by writing down a list of events that are going on during the weekend (like meals, sports practices, chores, deadlines, etc.) and the times that they are happening.

You may find you have more time to relax and enjoy yourself than you thought before seeing it visually. Rearrange events to create more time when possible and you may just be able to have that Lord of the Rings marathon after doing the laundry.

Step 4: Church Chat

Sunday is the day of rest, but most of us still want (or feel obligated) to go to church. For many, this event takes up a majority of the day and by the time you’re home, its time to start thinking about dinner! However, there are ways to still enjoy church and the rest of your day too.

Many congregations have “an early bird special” where services start anywhere from 5 to 9 a.m. It may not be ideal to wake up at dawn, but by going to an earlier session, you can get out quickly and accomplish more during the day like a movie-lunch date, soccer scrimmage in the park, or even a nap on the beach.

Maximize Your weekend

Step 5: Multitask

I’m not saying to text and drive, because its illegal and dangerous, but other areas of multitask can help get two things done at once.

By watching your favorite episode of Friends while Instagramming and Tweeting you can knock out a few birds with one technological stone. Take your laptop to the baseball game to get some homework done during downtime (you’ll know when to look up and cheer based on the crowd’s adrenaline next to you). Vacuum while the laundry is rolling, dinner is baking in the oven, and the dishwasher is rumbling. Everything will be relatively done at the same interval and you’ll have more “me-time” than ever.

Step 6: Check Efficiency

Nothing wastes more time than a busted piece of equipment. When the dryer is broken, you not only need to fix that huge beast, but also dry the wet clothes too. And not much cooking will be done on a broken stove.

Therefore, make sure all major appliances are up to date, running well, and taken care of. Major appliances can be maintained by contacting a local plumber or repair service for fast, easy, and affordable fixes that will get you on your merry way in no time.


Step 7: Whistle While You Work

Why not make your weekend work as enjoyable as possible? Write your paper outside or sit in the expensive, comfy chair. If you have the ability, watch a favorite movie while you finish a project, or blast Disney songs or the Best Hits of Rock and Roll while doing housework.Reward yourself at the end of your toils with a cookie, beer, or TV show.

By making work more fun, and the finish strong, you will be more willing to get the jobs done quickly and efficiently and you’ll still have a smile on your face and loads of free time ahead.

Yes! It’s Friday!

maximize your weekend
(Source: DreamWorks Pictures)

The school bell rings and business owners lock up office doors for a much needed few days off. It’s the weekend! Time to celebrate, so grab a friend for bowling night or a blanket for a nap because your time is all yours. Even when there is a time-crunch, remember these few remedies (free of dastardly side effects) and you’ll be on your way to a healthy lifestyle.

If you find you need a few extra doses of minute savers, contact us at New Life Appliance Repair or call (949) 929-3198 to not only give your refrigerator the energy it needs, but also a new and improved life for you as well.