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When oven ranges and cooktop stoves break down, it can mean a lot of cold meals for the next few days. These appliances are important for cooking all sorts of foods, and when they aren’t working properly it can really slow a household, and the kitchen, down.

New Life Appliance Repair understands how important it is for your appliances to be up and running. Our technicians are all highly trained professionals ready to service both cooktops and oven ranges.

Whether burners are broken, the heat is too low or too high, or the unit itself is shorting out, New Life Appliance Repair can repair it without a problem.

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Servicing a diverse range of refrigerator brands is our specialty at New Life Appliance. Whether your fridge is a top-tier model or a basic unit, our technicians have the training to address any issue.

We ensure we’re always updated on the latest repair techniques and technologies for brands that range from Maytag and Frididaire ranges to higher end ones.  

No matter the brand, you can trust us to get your range back in top-notch condition. 

Common Oven & Range Repair Problems

Got questions? We’ve got answers. Let’s tackle some of the most common  issues and queries about range repair Orange County CA residents ask us. 

On a cooktop, the burners literally sit on the top of the oven, or stove. These are most commonly used for meals cooked using pots and pans. On an oven range, the burners are on the inside. These ovens are typically used for baking and broiling. When the cooktop oven is not heating correctly, it could be for a few different reasons. New Life Appliance Repair does the following to get to the bottom of the problem:

1. Check how the burners sit on a cooktop or range

On a cooktop, there are typically 4-6 burners to be used for preparing multiple meals. When one or more of these burners go out, it could mean a problem with the wider appliance. Checking how the burners sit will tell you which oven type you’re dealing with.

2. Check the direct gas flow

a. Cap: If you have a gas-heated oven, your gas flow is the direct source of heat. When the burners are not working, it could mean that something is wrong with your direct gas flow. Though this sounds like an easy thing to check, you should remember that gas is highly dangerous if left unattended, and a broken cooktop could mean a leak.

b. Make sure the burner head is aligned properly: If the burners are not aligned properly with the gas connection, it could cause them to not heat properly. Further, it can cause gas to leak into the kitchen, making open flames, some chemicals, and some liquids dangerous to open and handle. You’ll be able to tell if your burners are aligned when you replace the cooktop and everything clicks into place.

Common issues

A common issue with cooktop stoves is when the burners won’t light. When this happens, it could be because of the following:

a. The White Ceramic Igniter isn’t Clean: The white ceramic igniter is a small nub located at the base of the burner. It is responsible for lighting the burners so you can cook. If the igniter isn’t working, it could be a simple problem of built up grime, grease, and smoke. Clean the igniter with a moist cloth and avoid using cleaning chemicals. Once cleaned, reattach.

b. The Burner Holes Aren’t Clean: On your igniter, there are burner holes that allow airflow when the igniter is in use. If the burner holes become clogged, it can prevent the burner from lighting. This can be cleaned using a simple needle or even a toothpick—just make sure the cooktop is unplugged or the gas is off.

c. Liquids Have Been Spilled or Over-Boiled: Your burner can become worn out if you are overusing it by over-boiling liquids so that they spill over. This can damage the surface of the burners as well as the insides.

If your electric oven is acting up, there could be a few reasons behind it. To get to the bottom of it, do the following:

a. Check the Breaker: The circuit breakers is the first place to look when there are electrical problems throughout the home. Always begin by turning off the power as to avoid electrocution and possible fires.

b. Flip the breaker on & off a couple times then leave it on all the way: This can help the breaker warm up and reconnect a shorted or weak electrical flow. Once the breaker warms up, see if the oven fires up as well.

c. Inspect the Elements: A sure fire way to tell if the elements are bad is if they are burnt up in one or more spots. This may require a replacement breaker, burner, or complete oven unit. It is best for the professionals to inspect the elements and make the final verdict on what is needed both for safety and appliance efficiency.

If your gas oven is acting up, it could be the igniter or the gas valve that causing the problem. Check it out by doing the following:

Check the Igniter: If the oven is not heating up, it could be the igniter. If the ignitor does not light, check for a glow. If there is a glow, but the igniter is still not lighting, it could be weak or faulty. From here, a professional from New Life Appliance Repair should check the igniter in case it needs to be replaced or repaired.

Check the Gas Valve: The gas safety valve is meant to protect you, your appliance, and your home from gas leaks and fires, which is why it is so important to replace these when they get old and worn out. When you check your gas valve, check to see if it looks worn down, rusted, chipped, or even cracked. If any of these are the problem, it could be disrupting the flow to you oven and even allowing gas into your kitchen. If the gas valve needs repair or replacement, always call a professional.

New Life Appliance Repair understands that your cooktops and oven ranges are important parts of your household. Even though we’ve provided some DIY solutions and actions for you to try on your cooktops and oven ranges, we hope you will contact us to repair your broken or faulty appliance. Many customers have left glowing testimonials, and we provide discounts and coupons as well, so consider letting us service your kitchen appliances.

New Life Appliance Repair specializes in these types of repair and replacement jobs. Our staff is not only highly qualified to handle appliances, we’re also well skilled in customer service. We would love to help you repair your appliances, so please give us a call at 949 929 3198.