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The world of washers. Top loads, front loads, or the washer and dryer in one? So many choices when you are looking to buy? 

Are all newer appliances junk? What happened to units that lasted 25 years or older!! 

And gosh, why does the rubber in front loaders always stink? While washing machine repair may be complicated, there are many preventative measures you can take.  

washing machine repair orange county ca

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Common Washing Machine repair FAQs

Quick Answers to Common Questions

Washing machine troubles can turn laundry day into a major headache.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help you make sense of it all. Let’s dive into some of the most common questions we get from folks just like you. 

As technicians, we will always love the washers that are 15 years or older. Specifically, Whirlpool or Kenmore top load washers that reach 15 years old or Maytag top load washer 20 years or older. Both of these units were made back in the glory days of appliances. Back before legislation requirements regulated appliances to be energy efficient and water efficient. Back when units were built to last and easy to work on. Those days have past, so now what do we buy? Another top loader?

I, personally, dislike all new top loaders! There is not one style of top load washer that I am impressed with. In my opinion, front load washers are the only way to go if you want reliability and longevity.

Front loaders, in my opinion, are the only choice if you are buying new. Front load washers are bigger and in style.

It’s essential to run a washer magic through your unit every three to six months. In Orange County, we have horrible hard water and it affects anything that uses water. When we don’t fight hard water with a dose of washer’s magic, it builds up on the seals inside the washer. The seals turn hard like cement. Then the seals crack and leak into the bearing. Once you get water in the bearings your washer is done. First your washer will seem a little louder than it was at the beginning. Then louder. Then it will sound like a freight train is flying through your house. If these are your symptoms, prepare yourself for a new washer. We still recommend you calling into our shop and talking to one of our trained professionals just to confirm. Most of the time, we can confirm it over the phone which saves everyone time and money.

Do you have a stinky washer? Is it too late to remedy yourself? Honestly, if your washer stinks it is probably too late. I would say 70% of the time a part needs to be replaced. The part that is most likely causing your washer to smell is called the bellow. The bellow is the rubber that is between the front panel and the tub(near the door). A bellow can also be called a gasket as well. Front loaders are air tight units and very wet. Moisture and air tight areas create mold. This mold grows on the rubber bellow in the front of your washer. If you have this mold, hopefully, you haven’t let that smell go for too long. I would get my old toothbrush and bleach and attack the bottom part of the gasket where the mold builds up. If you have already done this and no change, what we could recommend doing is calling into the shop and getting a quote on how much it would be to replace the bellow. This repair is over $200, so be ready. Pricing really depends on space in the area where the washer is, the brand and the cost of the part. We should be able to give you an accurate quote over the phone as long as you have your model number ready. How can you prevent this? After every wash, get a rag and wipe the bottom of the gasket. Also, after using the washer leave the door open. The downside to leaving the door open is that sometimes this burns out your light bulb. In my opinion, the light bulb is well worth the sacrifice.

Drain issues are the most common failures with washers. Two main reason why washers all have issues and they are both user error. Nobody checks their pockets!!! Check them for your own sake. Everything that you leave in your pockets end up in the filter of your drain pump and sometimes in the drain pump itself. If it gets faulty in the filter it will just cause your washer not to drain. Sometimes it gets past the filter and breaks the fins of the drain pump.

The other cause of drain failures is small items not being washed in messed bags. Lingerie, socks, some baby clothes, and any small item needs to be washed in small bags. If not those items end up in the filter of the drain pump.