15 Gadgets & Upgrades Every Kitchen Remodel Needs

15 Gadgets and Upgrades Every Kitchen Remodel Needs

It’s no secret that the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house. It’s where meals are prepared, memories are made, and where most family members and friends spend a good amount of time. When a kitchen is looking a little worse for wear, however, it can damper this all-important part of your home.

Many people think a kitchen remodel will cost lots of money, but the truth is that a few simple upgrades and gadgets can transform your kitchen into a bright, stylish, yet functional room your family will love without breaking the bank. The following 15 gadgets and upgrades will make your kitchen one of the most inviting, and functional, rooms in your home.

Gadgets & Upgrades for Your Kitchen Remodel

  1. KitchenAid 17 Piece Red Tool Set: This stylish set of necessary kitchen tools and essentials will increase the efficiency of your kitchen by at 80%. This set includes everything from a whisk, tongs, and cheese grater, to a can opener, measuring cups, a vegetable peeler. The signature red finishmakes it easy to keep these tools together at all times, and you’ll love how effective they are whether baking, frying, broiling, or chopping. Find it here.
  1. Home Basics Chrome Dish Rack: This piece is perfect for giving your kitchen a polished look. The chrome finish makes the rack, which costs less than $30, look expensive and high end, while giving a great place to store and dry your dishes. The chrome foundation provides a space for water to run off and easy clean up, and it stores a whole kitchen set of plates, cups, bowls, and utensils. Find it here.
  1. Kikkerland Ladybug Kitchen Timer: A cute gadget the kids will enjoy, the Kikkerland Ladybug Kitchen Timer will let you know when you’re dinner is ready to eat while looking adorable on your counter. This little ladybug is easy to use—simply hand wind the clock to your desired time amount and wait for it to ring. Find it here.
  1. Stainless Steel/Ceramic Compost Crocks: These eco-friendly gadgets put a spin on the typical crock pot. By putting food scraps into these crocks, you can create valuable nutrients for your garden. Be sure to line the crock with 100% biodegradable BioBags. These can be stored in your kitchen and look great! Find them here.
  1.  American Weigh ONYX Slim Kitchen Scale: This ultra-modern, high-tech scale adds a pop of color and style to your kitchen. This gadget features colored glass and plastic structure as well as touch activated keys, an LCD display, and slim build so it fits anywhere. Pick one out in your choice of color here.
  1. Cabinet Trash Can With Automatic Lid: This handy little trashcan can be fitted on the inside of a kitchen cabinet door. It features an automatic lid so you can get it open when your hands are full, and is 4 gallons deep for maximum capacity. Find it here.
  1. An Island: A kitchen island is a serious upgrade because it offers a number of advantages in one piece. A shelf, a wine rack, a table, and cabinets all in one. A kitchen island gives you more bang for your buck. They can be pretty expensive, so you’ll have to shop around to find a good one. Start your search here.
  1. Oversize task Lighting: These pendant lights will automatically upgrade your kitchen by giving it a sleek, modern look. These lights can be hung over the kitchen island, table, the counter, or wherever you like. Find them here.
  1. Fresh Paint: One of the simplest ways to give your kitchen an upgrade is to give it a fresh coat of paint. Bright, airy colors are perfect for kitchens because they make the room seem bigger and more inviting. Classic kitchen colors are bright white, pale blue, or chrome, and you can always contrast with dark woods, metal finish, or stark, bright floors.
  1. Recipe Rock: This little piece transforms your kitchen in a big way. The recipe rock acts as a recipe holder that displays paper upright and clearly. Smaller than a cookbook holder, and more efficient too, the Recipe Rock makes it so that you can display a single page (or up to 8!) with ease while cooking. It features a polyresin base and magnetic ball to hold the paper in place. Find it here.
  1. Pot Rack: This upgrade maximizes space and beauty. The pot rack hangs overhead and securely holds pots and pans over one end of the island or counter. For best results, this piece should be hung in an open space. Find it here.
  1. Epare Automatic Soap Dispenser: Soap bottles can make a mess in the kitchen. The sticky residue that builds up around their base is unsightly and dirty, which is not something you want in your kitchen. The Epare Automatic Soap Dispenser offers a hands-free way to get the soap you need to keep your hands clean while working in the kitchen. Plus, it also adds a touch of modern glamor to the space. Find it here.
  1. Wall Runner: Great against the stove, counter, or other stretch of wall in the kitchen, a wall runner adds a certain element of style to the space. This can get a little expensive, so find ways to lower the cost by doing it yourself or using inexpensive tiles. For more info, look here.
  1. Bamboo Expandable Gadget Tray: This gadget stores your other gadgets. In addition, it expands to hold even more gadgets. Its attractive wood finish gives it a chic look that will add beauty to your overall kitchen upgrade. Add it to drawers for extra organization, or keep it on the counter for easy access. Find it here.
  1. Bar Stools: There’s nothing cooler than bar stools in your kitchen. They add style, maximize space, and give your kitchen a super modern look you’ll love. They look best placed at the counter or around the island, but can work just about anywhere. Find them here.

These gadgets and upgrades will help make your kitchen a one-of-a-kind room in your home. Try the ones listed here, or do some research and find kitchen gadgets and remodel upgrade ideas that will suit you. When your whole kitchen comes together, it becomes one of the best spots in your home.