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So many people have Dryer issues and end up throwing them out because they don’t think they can be fixed. But WAIT! More frequently than not, your dryer problems can be fixed and can save you a lot of money.

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The team at New Life Appliance Repair services a long list of dryer brands.

We work on the Whirlpool family of brands, as well as other popular makes and models.

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Tips to keep your dryer in top shape

We know what a pain it can be when your dryer is broken. That’s why we keep our trucks stocked with all the most commonly-failed parts.

We can often diagnose and repair your dryer in as little as one visit.

Here you’ll find some of the most common dryer repair problems we see.

  • Clean out your vent every 1-2 years.
  • Clean Your lint screen after each use.
  • Dryer all clothes inside a mesh bag. Somehow, someway, socks, lingerie, and baby clothes all find a way to escape the drum and cause problems in other places.
  • Do not use fabric softer sheets. The can cause clogs as well and sometimes even fires.
  • De-lint your dryer every 3-5 years. If you have patience and have access to Youtube, it is doable. If not, call a professional.

Simple is always better. Keep it simple. This can be difficult because the market is flooded with many different dryers with all the gizmos and gadgets. Our favorite dryer brands are LG, Maytag, and Whirlpool.

Surprisingly, the number one problem that cause dryer to malfunction is not even inside of the unit, but it is an issue with the vent. Dryers require an exhaust, as airflow is essential in the operation of the unit. About 50% of dryer issues are caused because the vent is clogged.

So let’s walk through the process…

The dryer converts cool air into hot air then drags it through the drum with our clothes in it and then shoots it out the back into the exhaust. If the vent is clogged, the hot air cannot flow through the system, which inevitably causes many issues. For one thing, it can cause your clothes not to dry completely which is a nuisance to say the least. Another problem a clogged vent can cause is that the build up of heat can cause various components to fail including the thermal protector, gas solenoids, or gas valve. The final issue that comes along with a clogged vent is an overall blockage of air flow.

Did you know that lint fires are one of the leading causes of residential structural fires in the US? Scary.

How do I prevent this from happening?

There are a couple ways the vent is routed: to the roof or to the side of the house. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to check the vent if it is to the roof which leaves us to the side of the house. The first thing you want to do is turn your dryer on. Second, we must determine which event you have. To do this, find the closest external wall. Usually, the vent has a cover over it to prevent the rain from entering it. If you are having a hard time finding the vent, walk around the whole house. When I do this I am looking for the vent or pieces of line. (If you cannot find it well it probably goes up to the roof and you will have to hire a professional to look into that.) Eureka!! You found the vent, now what? Since the dryer is running it pushes hot air out through the vent. Put your hand near the exhaust and feel how strong the pressure is (keep in mind the longer the vent the weaker the air flow will be). If it is weak and not a long run, it looks like you have found the culprit. If you want to try to tackle this yourself beware that the vent can be very fragile and if you create a break in the vent inside the wall where you cannot get to you may have created a problem 10 times worse than the original. For you DYIers, go to home depot and buy a snake that is designed to go on the tip of your drill for cleaning out vents.

(Only turn your dryer clockwise the whole time!!! If you accidentally do counterclockwise what can happen is that you can lose your brush inside the vent and then you have a 10-hour nightmare on your hand.)