Here’s Why Your Washing Machine’s Spin Cycle is Not Working

Here’s Why Your Washing Machine’s Spin Cycle is Not Working

When your washing machine isn’t working, it can mean a lot of dirty clothes piling up all over the house or reverting to washing by hand and drying on the clothesline. Typically, people do their laundry once every week to keep clothes clean, fresh, and in rotation.

When a washing machine breaks down, however, it can cause this entire routine to be thrown out of balance. Fixing problems with your washing machine require a certain amount of knowledge in order to do things correctly. When a washer’s spin cycle won’t work, there are typically a few reasons behind the problem.

To begin, you must start by finding out what your washer is supposed to be doing based on the cycle settings. From here, you can see when or where the problem occurs: before the spin cycle or during.

First Steps: Making Your Diagnosis

Before you can find your solution, you must begin by diagnosing the washer problem. There are a few ways to check and see what’s wrong yourself before calling the professionals to come out. From here, the repair (if one is needed) will be a breeze.

  • Check for an Imbalance: Typically with larger loads, if your washer is unbalanced, it can cause the spin cycle to stop working. This usually happens when the majority of the clothes get stuck to one side of the tub. In some cases, the tub will pitch noisily before stopping completely. Once you distribute the clothes evenly, the spin cycle should reactivate.

  • Check Your Home’s Circuit Panel: If a circuit breaker has tripped, it may be the cause behind your non-functioning spin cycle. Simply open the door of your home circuit panel and reset the problem breaker to see if that restarts the spin.

  • Check for a Disconnected Power Cord: If the washer’s power cord has been disconnected from the outlet, it could be the reason the spin cycle has stopped. Plug it back in and then see if the spin cycle will restart.

  • Check to See if the Lid is Closed All the Way: One reason your washer may not be working is due to the lid not being closed completely. Open and close the lid, making sure that it snaps when closed and see if the washer starts to spin.

If none of these steps work, your washer may have a deeper problem that will require the professionals to come out and take a look. These problems are often mechanical issues that keep the washer from spinning properly.

washing machine spin cycle not working


Common Mechanical Problems with Top Load Washers

  •  A Defective Lid Switch: The lid switch is what determines whether or not the washing machine is closed. If the switch is defective, it can’t detect when the lid is down, which means it won’t allow your clothes to get washed. If the lid switch is defective, there’s no choice but to replace.

  •  A Broken Belt: Most washing machines have a belt or two to help them work properly. If a belt breaks due to regular wear and tear, it will need a replacement from the manufacturer as soon as possible. If possible, a generic automotive belt replacement may be enough to get the job done.

Common Mechanical Issues with Front Load Washers

  • Clogged Pump: If you open the door of your front washer to find water in it, the pump may be clogged up. Luckily, most front load washer brands have a trap that’s easy reach and clean out.
  • Tripped Circuit Breaker: A faulty or tripped circuit breaker can also be the culprit. Reset the breaker to see if that fixes the problem.

If you’ve exhausted your options, it’s time to call in the experts to have a look. Sometimes, your washer can simply be old, worn out, and in need of a replacement. Other times, there’s a more complex problem that will take expert knowledge to handle.

Be sure to check all the options you can in order to save a good washer from being thrown out. In no time, your washer will be spinning again which means no more dirty clothes.

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