Last Minute DIY Easter Treats for Kids

Last Minute DIY Easter Treats for Kids

Easter is easily one of the cutest holidays. It may be the constant sugar coma or the subtle pastel colors everywhere, but it is remarkably easy to feel at ease when you’re looking into the eyes of a chocolate bunny.

It wasn’t just the bunnies that make this holiday special. It’s baking cookies with Mother with her slight, sweet frown when I dipped my hand in the frosting and the joy of showcasing the cookies off to neighbors. We were always able to take the cuteness that Easter had to offer and use it to try our best to bake something new and fun.

Now, the tradition continues, but it’s not just my family, but yours too. So go grab your kids and take these recipes by storm; they’re easy enough that not even Peter Cotton Tail could mess them up. Just think, simply reading this is your first step toward a fruitful Easter season. Hopefully, these easy, last-minute Do it yourself recipes will give you the chance to really embrace this holiday before it’s too late.

1. Easter Egg Cookies

last minute diy kid treats for easter 1

Ah yes, the classic cookie. These are the staple of everything that is great about baking. The softly colored frosting and common Easter egg shape really help take these from simply sugar to simply fabulous. I love the look of these, and the taste is probably even better. Check out the recipe at two twenty one and get that oven preheated!

2. Spring Rice Krispies Pops

last minute diy kid treats for easter

Rice Krispies treats are great for a quick and easy dessert, and these take that fast and simple charm but with an added “cute” and “darling” to make this gorgeous Easter treat.

Instead of regular marshmallows they use strawberry ones, and what says Easter more than strawberry Marshmallows? Glorious Treats has any info you might need regarding these snacks, so if you love all things adorable — check it out.

3. Ladybug, Duck, and Bunny Pretzels

last minute diy kid treats for easter 3

I’ve always been a big fan of those classic Christmas treats that involve melting a kiss onto a pretzel, so when I found these I was almost embarrassingly excited. The simplicity of this treat is astounding compared to how amazing they taste. Stop lookin’ get cookin’ does a great job of explaining how to create these little creatures, but just remember the possibilities are endless! These could also provide you with a great opportunity to test just how creative your kids are.

4. Easter Marshmallow Pops

I’ve always been a huge fan of food that comes on sticks. I’m not sure what started this odd obsession, but I know that these treats are going to only make my fascination even stronger. Not only do these look like something I would want to eat every day of my life, they also look like something I would be hesitant to eat because they’re too cute.

The variety of colors does a great job of saying “this is Easter” and my sister’s suitcase gets a gold star from me. Plus they are simply, it’s merely a few varieties of marshmallows and Peeps. Try to chocolate dip them and add sprinkles for more fun (and sugar).

5. Flower Pretzel Bites

last minute diy kid treats for easter 5

Again with the melting things on pretzels, but seriously what’s not to love? These are great for making in bulk and then eating in bulk. Or, I guess you could share them. The colorfulness will make them pop and the flowers will remind everyone that there is hope outside of winter. It’s as simple as twisted pretzels, melted chocolate, and colored M&Ms, but for more help, Two sisters crafting has the recipe.

 6. Trix Krispies

last minute diy kid treats for easter

These treats take the classic rice Krispies we all know and love and turn them into a brand new Krispies that everyone will want to try. Trix are incredibly tasty, and the idea of turning them into a melted marshmallowy block of delicious is an A+ idea. Not only do they have that inspiring Trix taste, they also have the colors that go along with it. The recipe can be found here at cravings of a lunatic.

 7. Bunny Bun Cookies

last minute diy kid treats for easter 7

I dare you to look at this and not smile a little. Did you do it? I couldn’t. These cookies are the epitome of all that is bunny-themed. Something about a bunny’s bun makes everything seem adorable, and, oddly enough, they still look incredibly appetizing. That little dough boy at Pillsbury has done it again, folks. Go check it out.

 8. Easter Egg Cookies Dough Truffles

This one seems a little more complicated than the previous ones, but the classic egg shape and glorious cookie dough are sure to be absolutely worth it. I have always been a fan of cookie dough, and cookie dough shaped like an Easter egg is sure to taste even better.

There is also room for a little decoration creativity with these, which could result in some pretty wacky creations full of sprinkles. Wine and Glue will take you on a salmonella-free journey, and it might just be the best journey of a lifetime.

 9. Easter Peanut Butter Buttons

We are nearing towards the end of the list and I have managed to mention a pretzel-based treat three times now. Think of it this way, if you choose to make all of the pretzel treats listed, I bet you could buy pretzels in bulk and possibly save some money.

If you decide to solely make these, though, that’s okay too. These offer up that peanut butter taste that have most of us craving every day, and it’s all too fitting that this adorable Easter treat can be found at the curvy carrot.

 10. Coconut Macaroon Nutella Nests

last minute diy kid treats for easter

I saved probably the most intricate treat for last, but I couldn’t bear not mentioning it at all. These mini nest desserts might be a little extra work, but if you have the time and patience I’m sure you could succeed (then Instagram like crazy). The splash of Nutella in these will add even more to the already loved coconut macaroon cookie, and who doesn’t love some good eggs? Two Peas and Their Pod has taken bird-themed desserts by storm with this. Good job, guys.

I hope these treats have inspired you (or at least made you hungry). Make the most out of this Easter season and spread as much cheer as you can. Easter only comes once a year, so fill it with love, family, and sweet treats!