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Appliance Repair in Costa Mesa, CA

Servicing all of Orange County

It takes major heart to work on major appliances and, here at New Life Appliance Repair, we know that all too well.

Moreover, we understand that work of any kind requires heart, which is why we especially love our business, our customers, and our surrounding Orange County area.

Who wouldn’t?

appliance repair in costa mesa

Costa Mesa, CA


appliance repair in costa mesa

With a variety of attractions from Costa Mesa to Newport Beach, including the largest mall on the West Coast, South Coast Plaza, as well as the lavish OC Hilton options and endless chances at Marriot Rewards points.


Who wouldn’t want to visit this California oasis?


The beautiful beaches, oceanside shops, milkshake stands, and towering palm trees make us even more excited to live and work here.


A Vacation-Like Experience


Our lives and homes are here, which often means this is where we do our cooking, our laundering, our baking, and our grocery shopping. Whether it’s a refrigerator in Anaheim, a dishwasher in Laguna Beach, a dryer in San Clemente, a washing machine in Fullerton, a cooktop in Costa Mesa, or a coffeemaker in Santa Ana, we understand that appliances are essential parts of our everyday lives. At New Life Appliance Repair we’re both lucky and proud to be servicing all of Orange County.


In fact, we’ll do our part to make your typically frustrating, mundane appliance repair experience an enjoyable one. Just as Protea Hotels have dishwashers, and the Hilton Orange County has loads of washers and dryers, all hotels – from Delta to Marriot – like homeowners, have stovetop problems every once in a while. So why shouldn’t your refrigerator repair experience feel like a vacation? A chance for you to stroll down the boardwalk or maybe take a trip to the spa. It’s that easy.

Major Repair with Major Heart


appliance repair in costa mesa


Let us give your appliances New Life!

With locations in Laguna Niguel, Irvine, and Mission Viejo we pride ourselves on community and service but also honesty, integrity, speed, and quality.

Our customers can attest to it! Take a look at their testimonials and wherever you are in Orange County, keep us in mind the next time you need a major repair done with equally major heart.

Our Services

We service everything from refrigerators and washers or dryers to ovens and cooktops. We also service coffee makers and dishwashers too—just about any appliance in your home or kitchen that could break down and leave you feeling stranded. Our clients are always satisfied, and we take pride in the fact that we put our customers first every time. New Life offers the highest quality Appliance Repair in Costa Mesa, CA.

If you need to revive your old, broken down appliances, don’t hesitate to call New Life Appliance Repair. We specialize in helping households run smoothly by fixing the appliances that seem small, but mean so much to our daily lives!


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“New life has been to my home twice, once to repair a gas range and recently to repair my gas dryer that had stopped blowing. Both times I received a call back right away and for both events the were spot on time. Gary repaired my range and Christian repaired my dryer wonderfully and very professionally. I would recommend them to everyone !!!”


Ken B.


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