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Appliance Repair in Irvine, CA

appliance repair irvine

New Life Appliance Repair is a company that takes care of all home appliances from refrigerators and washing machines to dryers and even coffee makers.

We service different areas throughout Orange County, but one of our favorite locations is in Irvine, California.

Close to the ocean, breathtakingly beautiful, and highly affluent, Irvine is a great place to do business, and we enjoy servicing the loyal customers we have here.

With us, appliance repair in Irvine has never been easier!


As one of the trendiest places to live in Orange County, Irvine comes with a lot of cool and culturally relevant landmarks that citizens and tourists alike will love to visit. The Irvine Ranch Historic Park is just one of these landmarks that sees a lot of visitors throughout the year. A 16.5 acre special use park, the Irvine Ranch Historic Park preserves 24 original ranch structures that symbolize the rich agricultural history of Orange County. The Irvine Ranch itself was one of the world’s greatest sources of Valencia oranges, and a trailblazer in dry farming and livestock.

The Irvine Museum is another landmark that holds and protects the artistic culture of Orange County. The museum itself is the only one in the state dedicated to the preservation and display of California Impressionism. This site regularly hosts different events, shows, and spotlights on different artists, movements, and group movements.


Being a part of Southern California, the Irvine region has a rich and rather long history. The actual city of Irvine, however, is rather young—less than 50 years old—and it’s still growing. The modern vibe of the city is a true testament to its youth, but the surrounding area had a large hand in bringing about the Irvine we know and love today.

The area surrounding Irvine, known as the San Joaquin Valley, was initially inhabited by Gabrielino Indians as far back as 1769, the same year Spanish explorer Gaspar de Portola arrived and laid claim. It wasn’t until the mid-1800s that claim to the Valley passed from Spain to Mexico, and finally to the United States. The land was soon divided into three large ranches: Rancho Santiago de Santa Ana, Rancho Lomas de Santiago, and Rancho San Joaquin. Soon, through various sales, settlements, and court rulings, the properties became owned by the Bixby, Flint, and Irvine families.

For a complete breakdown of the history of the area, read more here.

Why We Love Doing Business Here

Due to the high number of residents in Irvine, need for appliance repair comes up a lot. We service families, businesses, and just about everyone in between to make sure their space is in working order. When things like the refrigerator, washer and dryer, oven, and other necessary appliance go out, they can make a household (and sometimes business!) come to a full stop. We know how important it is to get these things up and running again, which is why we make our customer service and satisfaction our top priority. In Irvine, we do all that we can to help our friendly homeowners ensure that their property is up to scratch at all times.

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Interesting Stuff

Though Irvine is a fairly young city, it is home to one of the 10 UC campuses in California, UC Irvine. Established in 1965, this University is well known for being a campus that accepts elite students who excel in the sciences, arts, and humanities. The university is also the largest employer in all of Orange County and the campus itself is well-known for being one of the most beautiful college campuses in the state.

appliance repair irvine

With a main office located in Irvine, drive time is really no time at all! We can come to your home or business in just a few minutes depending upon appointment time. The actual service time will vary depending on the needs of the project. Repairs and installations can take up to a few hours, so it’s best to call ahead to touch base and explain the nature of the problem.

Appliance repair in Irvine, CA is easy when you call New Life Appliance Repair. We provide a variety of services for all home and office appliances so you never have to worry when they break down, require new parts, or need a replacement.

New Life Appliance Repair has been satisfying their customers throughout Orange County and we can wait to help you out too. Call us at 949 558 3064 to speak with a qualified professional, make an appointment, or have any of your questions about appliance repair.


“My 3-year old Frigidaire fridge stopped dispensing water. After getting a huge bill for a simple washing machine fix from another local appliance repair service, I tried Andrew based on the positive reviews. Instead of immediately setting up an appt., he asked me several questions to narrow down the problem. Plus, he doesn’t charge an on-site fee for diagnosing for first-time customers. Andrew quickly narrowed down the problem to a faulty control panel. He had to order the part, but he came back quickly after it arrived. I’ll avoid buying another Frigidaire, but I’m glad to have found a dependable repairman.”


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